Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jesus has thunder in his hands

That's what Bruce said today when we informed him that the loud noise coming from the sky was not huge trucks but thunder.

So I gave him the most scientific explanation I could think of. And he just kind of stared at me like " WTF, lady?"t us. Ah.

OK, I can do a better job at giving him the facts. But I guess I was just a bit flustered at hearing such nonsense. Even he Bible doesn't say that.

And then he asked me is Jesus was bad because he threw thunder at us. Aaaah. I love when the gears in his head click like that. Not saying Jesus is bad (or good... or existent), but hearing a child's logic in action is one of my favorite things.

In other news, L-guy is walking and even talking some. He likes to dance quite a bit, minds his p's and q's, and just goofs off tons.

Anyway, that's what we're up to 'round here.

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